Torch ‘N Blues


Rosemary GeorgeRosemary George’s revue, Torch ‘N Blues, features tributes to Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and a trip down the Broadway of Black America. She is joined by a stellar lineup, including reed man JD Parran, renowned guitar player Kelvyn Bell, exceptional bassist Don Byron and fiery gospel/blues singer Marcus Dargan. This eclectic show includes songs from the original Waller/Razaf revue “Hot Chocolates,” “Showboat,” “Porgy and Bess,” as well as surprises from JD Parran and original blues songs by Kelvyn Bell. This revue is a trip down America’s song book beginning with the blues.Torch ‘N Blues includes familiar and unfamiliar works, such as torch/blues songs sung by Rosemary George (“Blues in the Night,” “Good Morning Heartache”), a hot gospel rendition of “Stormy Monday” by Marcus Dargan, original blues songs by Kelvyn Bell, and of course surprises from avant-garde saxophonist JD Parran. Throw in some duets with Don Byron, fish and fun, and you have and extraordinarily eclectic show!

“In this show, I wanted to capture the various music emanating from the blues — gospel, country, jazz, torch songs, and modern. I wasn’t interested in the “traditional” line up of instruments or musicians for that matter. I purposely left out keyboard and drums, in want of creating different colors: the use of guitar, various reeds, standup bass and different voice types. It has also turned into my story — my journey from the classical world of opera to musical theatre, jazz, retro, and beyond.”—Rosemary George

Tour Dates

Baha’i Center, John Birks Gillespie Auditorium, New York (2012, 2013)
Dwyer Cultural Center, New York (2011)
Theaterlab, New York (2011)
Jazz Jaunts presents the Hudson Park Series, New York (2010)
Po’ Jazz Series at the Cornelia Street Cafe, New York (2010)

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